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If you got this far, you're a curious one ... And that's a great thing. 

The Hundredth Acre is a brand inspired by the life of writer, Robert Brink. A storyteller by trade, he uses scent as a vehicle to induce memory and share past experiences with others, in hopes that they reminisce fondly on their own. The line incorporates an aesthetic that includes vintage ephemera such as books, literature, typewriters, libraries, prolific authors and nature.

The Hundredth Acre is sipping tea at your favorite café in Paris. It’s sitting next to the fireplace reading a book in your dream cabin in the woods. It's the smell of the autumn leaves falling in October during a walk through the forest, or the rain hitting the warm Earth during a thunderstorm in the summer. It’s the special place from your childhood that you can’t resist fondly and frequently visiting in your mind.

We plan to help bring you back there ...

To carry the line, ask a question or share a story, write, write, write!